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Build on your knowledge and expertise and help your clients improve employee health and well-being while reducing cost.

Benefit needs are ever-changing, and employers rely on your knowledge and expertise to provide the right guidance for their organization. Optum can help you by providing the information, tools and solutions your clients need to define an effective health care strategy, finance their needs, and help their population achieve health and wellness goals.

From integrated health and well-being programs to stand-alone solutions, you can depend on us to improve outcomes, manage costs and provide the care your clients and their employees need. Explore smart and effective health care solutions and the latest information about best practices in an evolving health system.

Resource Center

Explore our library of research-driven white papers, expert perspectives and case studies. Gain evidence-based insights into how to help employers improve workplace productivity, reduce health care costs and improve their employees’ quality of life. New content is added frequently, so visit the Resource Center for Health & Well-being today.

Treatment for infertility

What we now know about how to increase success rates and reduce costs

Expert Perspective on Behavior Change 

Insights from Yale and Optum on why it’s so hard to change unhealthy behaviors — and what employers can do about it.

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Expert perspective: Building the case for health and wellness value of investment

Interview with Seth Serxner and Karen Marlo on Value of Investment

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Fighting the epidemic of fatigue

White paper takes an in-depth look at how sleep impacts our overall well-being.

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5 Minutes on Health & Wellness Incentive Design

Understand how employers are approaching incentive design.

Health Care Advisor Expert Perspective

How to help employees navigate the health care system.

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