EAP Plus

Improve your organisation’s productivity with EAP Plus

This holistic employee assistance programme offers a single point of access for support on a variety of wellness issues and is designed to help employees cope with day-to-day challenges and major life events. EAP Plus offers a range of speciality services delivered by a highly skilled team of senior clinicians. EAP Plus fosters a positive, enriching work culture where employees feel valued and can contribute to the office culture in a safe, supportive environment.


Well-being checks

Well-being checks take a proactive approach to helping individuals manage stress. They are designed to intervene before struggles with work-life balance and emotional or physical health problems leave the employee unable to cope. Organisations can request a wellness assessment for an individual, a team or an entire business division.

Workplace Support Services

Workplace support services is a manager-referred, tailored intervention programme that supports individuals whose behaviour is impacting their performance and/or their team’s functioning. The service is a partnership between the employee, employer representative and a consultant to identify the issue, its impact on the workplace, the appropriate intervention and the desired outcome. Issues can range from inappropriate displays of emotion, such as anger and abusive language, to anxiety, workplace harassment and the return to work after trauma.

Fit-for-Work Programmes

Fit-for-work programmes support policies and procedures that provide for a safe, risk-free work environment. For example, OptumTM might assess an individual’s understanding of the risk factors related to substance abuse at the workplace. The goal would then be to establish risk patterns, assess an individual’s motivation for change and identify factors that could impede change.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Through training presentations and workshops, managers and employees learn to identify and minimise the impact of mental health issues.

Peer Support Programme

The Peer Support Programme identifies a compassionate, empathetic individual within the organisation as the "go to" person for peers having trouble coping. Programme members are trained to identify issues before they escalate and provide initial support.


Supervision consists of confidential, group sessions to review challenging/complex situations, change, stress, resilience and workload.


Coaching helps develop employee skills and provides pathways for greater contributions to the workplace. Goals range from developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to building high-performing teams and managing relationships or pressures in the workplace.

Team assessments

Team assessments are conducted to build better, more effective work groups. Upon completion of an assessment, a work plan is put in place to develop strengths and overcome challenges in areas such as team culture, practices and behaviour.


Mediation specialists address workplace conflict through internal investigations and discussion.

Career outplacement

Career outplacement provides individuals the tools they need to re-enter the workforce as soon as possible.

Bullying and harassment

Our bullying and harassment programme develops a supervisor’s capacity to identify and prevent workplace bullying and support workers who are victims of such behaviour. Workshops focus on educating employers on their duty to stop or prevent bullying. This includes informing managers and directors of their responsibility to end such practices no matter who the perpetrator is and to understand the effects of bullying on individuals and teams.

Building resilience

The OptumTM building resilience programme provides resources and strategies to help individuals build strength against adversity. The programme educates employees on the four pillars of resilience, how to recognise personal stressors and steps to take. The programme includes work on recognising barriers to implementing a personal resilience plan and how to overcome them.

Navigating change

Our navigating change workshop supports employees through periods of change and transition. The workshop explores how individuals think, feel and perceive change and helps employees understand how change affects them.

Customised Training

Customised training can be arranged upon request.

Executive guidance

Executive guidance is specifically geared toward senior managers and executives needing support for their psychological health and well-being. Executive guidance may include one-on-one executive-level programmes to develop emotional intelligence or programmes on optimising team performance.