EAP Plus

Improve your organisation’s productivity with EAP Plus

This holistic employee assistance programme offers a single point of access for support on a variety of wellness issues and is designed to help employees cope with day-to-day challenges and major life events. EAP Plus offers a range of speciality services delivered by a highly skilled team of senior clinicians. EAP Plus fosters a positive, enriching work culture where employees feel valued and can contribute to the office culture in a safe, supportive environment.

EAP 2.0 includes coaching managers to help them get the most out of their teams. We offer mediation and conflict resolution services and workshops to build better team working environments, develop and encourage respect and integrity, equip employees and managers to cope with change, resilience and stressful front-line response situations.

We also have executive-level services for senior management teams who need individual and tailored levels of support. These services are delivered by clinical professionals and help individuals within organisations improve their productivity and job satisfaction.

Why choose OptumTM EAP Plus Services?
  • Experience. We have been working with clients across India for more than eight years and have developed our programmes based on our experience in working with clients and up-and-coming client trends.
  • Flexibility. We have developed services for employees, managers and senior-level executives that are targeted to their specific audience.
Features of EAP Plus:
  • Bespoke services. Whilst we offer a range of off-the-shelf solutions, we also understand that organisations may require bespoke services, workshops and training programs. Using our highly skilled clinical team, we work with the client to ensure that we understand the outcomes required and tailor the service accordingly.
  • Network. With a network of more than 250 clinicians across India and access to a global network of clinicians, we have the ability to deliver EAP Plus programs wherever you are in the world.
Benefits of Optum EAP Plus:
  • Beef up your benefits. Attract and retain the best and the brightest with a smart, flexible benefits package and ensure you manage the mental health and well-being of both employees in challenging roles (due to the nature of the work) and senior-level executives within the organisation.
  • Clinical expertise. We use senior clinicians with more than five years’ clinical experience to scope bespoke requirements. Clinicians work closely with you and your organisation to ensure you maximise your results from this service.
  • Proactive approach to mental well-being. Services such as well-being checks, fitness-for-work, peer support program, and supervision enable your organisation to be proactive in looking after the needs of your most precious resource — your people. By providing support and assistance early on, you will create a supportive culture for all employees.