Well-being services

Improve employee well-being.

In 2012, India had what is believed to the world’s highest number of suicides.

Many companies in India now offer employee assistance programmes with well-being services to forestall such health crises. OptumTM well-being services provide employees with insights into their current health status, help employees manage their health more effectively and educate employees on how to prevent health-related challenges.

The main goal of our well-being service is to actively engage employees in their personal health and well-being. We offer:

  • Experience. We are experienced at managing well-being services for global, national and local organisations across India.
  • Flexibility. Our solutions are holistic yet flexible enough to meet organisational requirements.
  • Network. We use an established network of providers across India supplemented by a network of global providers. We offer a wide range of activities and events to motivate employees to take charge of their health.


Our well-being services include:

  • Dedicated coordination team. A dedicated team of well-being coordinators arrange activities and events featuring skilled providers.
  • Promotional toolkits. Our toolkits help organisations promote events and activities, helping ensure a large turn-out and maximising return on investment.
  • Reporting. We provide reporting to either the client organisation (employer) or the individual (employee), depending on the activity. Reporting helps employees better understand their condition and its effect on their health.


With Optum well-being services, you can:

  • Beef up your benefits package. Attract and retain the best and the brightest with an organisation-wide well-being programme.
  • Provide a complete bundle of services.  Rather than using multiple companies to deliver a well-being programme, Optum can provide all the services you need, making an organisation-wide well-being programme easy to run.