Well-being solutions

Actively engage your employees in their health and well-being.

Well-being events are popular with organisations that prefer an integrated approach to a well-being programme. By organising health fairs and activities like Zumba and Yoga in their premises,  organizations and their employees can really feel the benefit of a well-being program.

Health assessments or biometrics will provide insight to your employees on their current state of health and help them to ”know their numbers.” This will help them to understand which areas they need to manage and any areas they should seek to improve. We can also offer preventive services such as flu vaccinations.

Flu vaccinations

Winter is a busy time for many organisations and the last thing that’s needed is significant downtime due to staff sickness. Protect your workforce, your organisation and your bottom line from the devastating effects of the flu with on-site flu vaccinations for all employees.

Health screenings and biometric tests

Health screenings and biometric tests offer an excellent and interesting way for people to gain a snapshot of their own physical health.

Simple tests such as blood pressure, body mass index, vision and hearing are easy to administer and very effective for gauging employee health and potential risks. We can offer a range of tests from executive to basic depending on your requirements.

Health fairs

Health fairs provide an engaging experience and offer individuals a day of relevant health services they may not otherwise be able to access. Health fairs can be used to promote:

  • Key health messages for positive health behaviour changes
  • Lifestyle changes to prevent common illnesses and teach self-care practices
  • Some of the lesser-known health alternatives available to employees

Skin checks

Because skin is the largest and most visible organ in the body, it makes sense to have regular skin checks.

Skin checks assess the health of your skin and look for potential risks and trouble spots.

These checks are often incorporated with personal education for each individual in the areas of sun protection, general skin care and conducting ongoing self-examinations.

Nutrition and healthy eating advice

A nutritious diet is pivotal to a long, healthy and happy life. These sessions aim to expose participants to the types of food that will allow them to perform at their peak, at work and at home.

The sessions can incorporate food selection, preparation, cooking advice and demonstrations, as well as which foods to avoid or enjoy in moderation.

Health risk assessments

Health risk assessments provide employees with an indication of the illnesses for which they are at risk, based on their answers to a short lifestyle questionnaire.

Exercise and relaxation

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to get to the gym or even unwind after a long day at work.

From pilates and yoga, to seated massage or Zumba, we can tailor an exercise or relaxation program to suit your employees’ interests, abilities and busy schedules.