Optum enables government health agencies to improve the accessibility, affordability and efficiency of health care

Our comprehensive health information technology solutions help enhance the overall quality of public health care systems.

The Indian health system is at a crossroads, with government organizations striving to make health care services more accessible to the general population while containing costs. Lack of point-of-care technology support, poor data capture and management, and growing instances of fraud, waste and abuse are some of the key challenges faced by this sector.

Optum brings global health information technology expertise, best practices and insights to the Indian public health system to help government organizations provide high quality and affordable patient care. Our extensive network of reliable, proven partners and vendors in India enables us to implement health care infrastructure and technology solutions smoothly.

Our health information technology solutions in India focus on:

  • Integrated Health Management System (IHMS). Optum IHMS is an integrated patient-centric framework that optimizes health care management to benefit citizens, health care professionals, and decision and policy makers. IHMS brings together advances in health IT, social, mobile, analytics, cloud (SMAC), medical IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence etc. to enable the operational and technology needs of the Indian health care system.
  • My Health and Wellness Center (MHC) solution. To provide health coverage to the entire population, it is important that primary health services are rendered through ‘my health & wellness center’ accomplished by effective implementation of information technology. ’My health and wellness center’ has a modular structure and can be set-up at an existing PHC or in a cost-effective portable cabin, which can be managed by AYUSH practitioners. Activities at the center include delivery of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services, care for common ailments, referrals to specialists for consultations and conducting follow-ups.
  • Smart Health City (SHC) solution. The Optum smart health city solution has been designed to improve the health and wellness of citizens of a state. This integrated offering provides technology solutions that can help all
    stakeholders across the health care value chain to take a broader view of citizens’ health to pre-empt treatment through regular monitoring and diagnostics.

Explore Optum offerings for Indian public health system:

  • Integrated Health Management System (IHMS)
  • My Health and Wellness Center (MHC) solution
  • Smart Health city solution

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