Optum enables government health agencies to provide accessible and affordable health care services through advanced analytics

Our comprehensive health information technology solutions help enhance the overall quality of public health care systems.

The Indian health system is at a crossroads, with government organisations striving to  make health care services more accessible to the general population while containing costs. Lack of point-of-care technology support, poor data capture and management, and growing instances of fraud, waste and abuse are some of the key challenges faced by this sector.

Optum brings global health information technology expertise, best practices and insights to the Indian public health system to help government organisations provide high quality and affordable patient care. Our extensive network of reliable, proven partners and vendors in India enables us to implement health care infrastructure and technology solutions smoothly.

Our health information technology solutions in India focus on:

  • Population health. Optum offers advanced population health management (PHM) services that include health analytics, health risk stratification, care pathways development, patient engagement, chronic disease management and care coordination. Our solutions provide actionable clinical insights that facilitate preventive care management, improve quality of life and reduce health care costs.
  • Health information management. Optum offers a full-spectrum of health information management (HIM) solutions that includes hospital information system (HIS) implementation, consulting services and analytics. Our data management and information dissemination solutions help you manage revenue cycles, maintain regulatory compliance and deliver quality care.
  • Fraud, waste and abuse prevention. Optum provides comprehensive fraud, waste and abuse detection services that comply with Indian regulatory standards. We use advanced analytics to identify and proactively prevent aberrant claims across the claims lifecycle. Our fraud, waste and abuse detection services include retrospective detection, prospective prevention and predictive analytics to facilitate robust risk management and enhance performance and profitability.

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