Business intelligence and analytics solutions

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your public health programmes

Our business intelligence and analytics solutions can help improve efficiencies and increase the effectiveness of public health programmes.

In India, many public health care programmes for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Vector Borne Disease Control have been  launched , with the overarching goal being transformation of the Indian health care system and an improved public health pro­file.

Despite signi­ficant investment in infrastructure, technology and resources, the programmes are underachieving due to a lack of comprehensive state and national health indicators. What government organisations need is health care business intelligence that will provide this information and deliver actionable insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of their public health programmes.

At Optum™ , we believe each programme component must be intelligently designed and executed to successfully impact public health. We offer business intelligence and health care analytics solutions that specifically focus on design and execution. Using smart technology and process design, our solutions facilitate the smooth collection, storage and dissemination of health care data across multiple segments.

With years of health care experience and domain expertise behind us, we deliver excellence in every engagement. By partnering with us, you will gain:

  • Predictive analytics and trends analytics that enhance visibility into trending diseases and population health and that support clinical decision-making
  • KPI-based executive dashboards that establish performance benchmarks, optimize resources and extract insights for effective policy design
  • Comprehensive reporting solutions that help you maintain compliance with public programme reporting requirements, such as the WHO millennium goals and government health benefits regulations

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