Consulting services

Gain strategic insights to stay ahead

OptumTM consulting services deliver multidimensional insights for strategic decision-making.

The Indian health care market is undergoing unprecedented change driven by cost, revenue and competitive pressures. To sustain growth, health care organisations must rethink their strategic objectives and re-evaluate operational concerns.

OptumTM provides end-to-end health care consulting services that help define health care standards and determine their adaptability to the evolving health care system. We combine product evaluations with consultations on public health programme implementation, hospital information system integration, health information technology solutions and multi-year IT strategic planning.

We can determine for you both functional and technical health information system requirements. Our consultants can help you develop effective patient engagement strategies through care management, performance management and patient outreach solutions.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the health care industry, we offer niche industry solutions for hospitals and health care organisations. By partnering with Optum, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Better patient engagement strategies to maximize revenues and increase patient satisfaction
  • Integrated solutions and comprehensive product consulting to improve quality of service
  • Reliable and secure systems to improve patient care standards and facilitate robust public health management
  • Comprehensive clinical, financial and operational analytics for optimal use of assets
  • Better alignment with industry-specific requirements for optimal value-based transformation

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