My Health and Wellness Center (MHC) solution

Enabling universal access to care through technology

The Optum My Health & Wellness Center (MHC) is a comprehensive solution that brings transformative components such as telemedicine, electronic health records, mHealth etc. together to provide access to healthcare in remote and underserved areas of the country through self-sustained digital clinics that are capable of providing primary and specialist care to patients.

With MHC, access to healthcare can improve significantly as technology reduces the distance barrier and out of pocket expenses. Velocity of care increases, improving care outcomes. Integrated solutions improve the quality and quantity of valuable data, providing valuable insights to providers, citizens and administrators, helping them in making informed decisions.

The components of my health and wellness center solution are as follows:

  • Digital clinic: A standalone, self-sustaining container based clinic with very fast implementation and deployment capability at virtually any geographic location.
  • Telemedicine: It will provide a technology and process framework to enable location agnostic interactions between patients and care providers.
  • mHealth apps: These apps help frontline health workers, doctors, patients and administrators manage scheduling, personalized care plans, e-prescriptions, lab orders etc.
  • Automatic Drug Dispensing Unit (ADDU): It is a drug dispensing machine capable of storing 40 types of drugs in each machine. It has the capability to dispense prescribed drugs automatically on presenting a valid e-prescription.
  • Multi-channel interactions: MHC enables both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (for simpler ailments and follow-up questions) patient interactions across SMS, calls, WhatsApp, email and mHealth apps.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHRs): EHRs digitize paper based medical records, making them readily accessible to authorized users and reduce avoidable medical and administrative errors.
  • Integrated Care Command Center (ICCC): It is a central knowledge and care delivery hub that can be managed at virtually any preferred location and would act as a contact point for information on healthcare, wellness, government run health schemes, health services information, emergency response connects, and consultation center with qualified healthcare specialists.
  • Dashboards and analytics: Analytics helps convert structured and unstructured data from various sources into meaningful and actionable insights for key decision-makers to aid them in policy creation and operational monitoring and optimization.