Non-communicable disease management

Leverage proactive health risk assessments

Our non-communicable disease management solutions help you identify and manage high-risk patients over age 40 through preventive care services.

Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory disorders are the leading causes of death in India. Multiple analyses show that age, family history, abdominal fat and increased body mass are associated with the onset of these non-communicable diseases (NCD). State governments across India are therefore investing heavily in preventing and controlling NCDs and their associated risk factors.

OptumTM has extensive international experience, deep domain knowledge and product development experience in NCD management. Our NCD solutions empower the health care delivery system with the right tools and information to diagnose and treat patients early, before symptoms escalate. Our solutions include risk assessments, care planning and interventions as well as the monitoring of key health indicators.

The Optum NCD solution creates a state-wide repository of health records for the adult population. This repository contains key health information, such as family medical history, known health issues, major illnesses, surgeries, medications, lab results, vitals and allergies, and becomes, in essence, the information backbone for the nation’s health system.  


Optum NCD solutions include:

  • Proactive risk assessment for NCDs such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, asthma and cancer
  • Creation of state-wide health risk assessment reports for adults
  • Health risk stratification and identification of beneficiaries for various health management initiatives
  • Referrals to government hospitals or contracted hospitals for diagnostics and medical care, as needed
  • Integration with the existing hospital information system (HIS) in government hospitals for seamless data sharing

By regularly monitoring health risk indicators and clinical biomarkers, Optum NCD solutions enable smarter decision-making. Our solutions include sophisticated analytics that can be combined with the consolidated health risk records of the population. Insights from such analyses can help you stratify your population by age, gender, risk of and propensity for chronic diseases, lifestyle risks and other demographic, geographic, socio-economic and psycho-social parameters.

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