Mani Chacko

Vice President, OptumRx Technology, Optum Global Solutions (India) Private Limited


Mani came to Optum via the acquisition of the Advisory Board Company by Optum in 2017. Prior to his current role, Mani was part of the product engineering leadership team at Optum Insight, where he led product development teams that served health care providers and life sciences companies.

Mani has had a long career of building best-in-class product development teams and is passionate about using data and technology to solve our most pressing problems. 

Mani has worked with LRN and Gartner, where he held leadership roles in the corporate strategy, corporate finance, and compliance and ethics practices.

He has worked in Washington D.C., London, Gurgaon and Chennai. Mani has a M.A. in Economics from Brown University and an MBA and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.