Santosh Gopynadhan

Vice President, Technology, Optum Global Solutions (India) Private Limited


Santhosh currently leads the Optum financial India charter and is responsible for managing product development and operations. 

Santhosh is a customer-focused and results-oriented product leader, specializing in scaling businesses to profitability, driving revenue growth through customer engagement and building teams with high-performing operational models.

Santhosh specializes in strategy, product management, development and managing operations of the enterprise and consumer products in global markets. He brings varied industry expertise in fintech and health care. 

He has a successful track record of building products from concept to commercialization and is highly passionate about identifying and solving new business challenges. 

His career and experience span over 21 years, during which he has worked in different roles  from strategy to execution with varying complexities in multiple organizations like PayPal, Fiserv and The Advisory Board Company.