Building an inclusive workplace

April 6, 2023


We’re building a diverse workforce 

As part of our ongoing efforts toward building a sustainable and inclusive work environment, our operations team in Hyderabad onboarded a group of team members with hearing and speech impairments. Here is what they have to share about their experience.

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A Place for People of All Abilities: Employee POV | Optum India

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Having a translator, a sign language

expert throughout the hiring process.


00:00:45:18 - 00:00:53:11

All the candidates were fairly reviewed and

evaluated for the roles that fit them best


00:00:54:01 - 00:01:01:01

not just based on their resumes, but

other interests and career goals etc.


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Accessible office space and

bias-free hiring process


00:01:16:14 - 00:01:22:18

At Optum, I appreciate the focus

on every team member’s welfare


00:01:22:18 - 00:01:28:02

as it creates a very pleasant

work environment for us all.


00:01:28:17 - 00:01:37:17

I love the vibe at my workplace.

It inspires me to do my best.


00:01:38:01 - 00:01:42:17

At Optum, we have a very

comfortable work environment


00:01:42:17 - 00:01:47:01

and everything, from transportation

to food services, is taken care of.


00:01:51:11 - 00:02:01:00

Festive celebrations and team activities

have made for a great working experience.


00:02:01:08 - 00:02:07:15

On the occasion of Diwali celebrations,

my entire team and I walked the ramp


00:02:07:21 - 00:02:14:11

and the overwhelming support that we received

from our team members was heartwarming.


00:02:14:20 - 00:02:21:10

Well-adapted training methodology


00:02:22:15 - 00:02:27:20

Working with my team I acquire more

and more knowledge every day.


00:02:28:02 - 00:02:36:03

Most importantly, making an impact on the lives

of those we serve is the most rewarding part of my job.


00:02:39:13 - 00:02:49:04

Of course, every day — And I also have access

to a very competent interpreter when I need one.


00:02:49:18 - 00:02:57:18

The leaders are truly invested in every team member’s

well-being and in building a healthy work environment.


00:02:58:14 - 00:03:07:00

A keen focus on work-life balance and encouragement

to explore other interests within the company


00:03:07:15 - 00:03:12:10

definitely makes me feel supported at work.


00:03:12:22 - 00:03:15:14

At Optum, we are working on a mission


00:03:15:14 - 00:03:20:12

to help people live healthier lives and to

make the health system work better for everyone.


00:03:20:15 - 00:03:27:12

To achieve this, we need a diverse and

inclusive workforce that brings unique perspectives


00:03:27:15 - 00:03:29:06

and build the right solutions.


00:03:29:16 - 00:03:34:07

One of our special initiatives in this direction

is working with people of all abilities


00:03:34:09 - 00:03:37:07

through a proactive and adaptive approach.


00:03:37:13 - 00:03:44:18

We are creating an inclusive infrastructure, gaining insights

and feedback from our team members and sensitizing them.


00:03:45:00 - 00:03:49:13

So that everyone is encouraged

to do their life’s best work with us.


00:03:49:19 - 00:03:52:06

I’m grateful


00:03:52:06 - 00:03:54:06

I’m excited


00:03:54:06 - 00:03:56:09

I’m delighted


00:03:56:09 - 00:03:57:23

to be a part of


00:03:57:23 - 00:03:59:22

the Optum family.


At Optum India, we recently onboarded 13 full-time team members with speech and hearing impairments and a sign language trainer and supervisor for selected roles in Hyderabad.

Key actions taken related to infrastructure assessment included 5–6 weeks of adaptive learning, engagement with an external consultant and workshops led by accessibility experts, sensitization workshop for hiring managers and other team members, and creation of new performance management practices.

This is only the first chapter, and we are excited to help build and support an inclusive workforce, where conscious inclusion efforts can help the organization create and provide a more effective work environment to encourage team members.